Dear New Neighbor

I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you have not been informed as to the thinness of the walls and ceilings of your new building.

If I did not give you this benefit then I would conclude you are a self absorbed prick.

Please know that I am envious of anyone’s ability to play a musical instrument.

I feel confident your 8 a.m. practice session this morning is the first time a neighbor’s flute playing disturbed me.

However, the next time you practice the flute at a delicate hour you better play some Jethro Tull or you and I will have a little discussion.

Shuffling Madness

Random Access Memory

On the train this morning a young woman was following Clark’s Audio Law for Public Transportation. This means she was sharing the music she was listening to by having it leak out of her ear buds.

It also means the music she was listening to included a shitty, synth-drum and the one song was on loop.

However, as she got off the train it sounded like she was listening to the Milkshake song. This is the cause for said song to be stuck in my head.

What is still a mystery is why I replaced milkshake with fruitcake. As in Christmas fruitcake. As in my fruitcake is better than yours.